Wounded Tiger

Jesus 4 Greater Asia
Jacob DeShazer, Doolittle Raid B-25 #16 Bombardier Crewmember, and Mitsuo Fuchida, Co-planner and Commander of the Pearl Harbor attack, have been a part of my life for 70 years since I was a missionary kid (MK). I was acquainted with Jacob DeShazer in the 1950s and knew the story of Fuchida’s conversion well—just not the whole story. 

T. Martin Bennett’s book Wounded Tiger is the first time the full DeShazer and Fuchida story has been told, and much more. Like Brother Bennett, from the time of reading God’s Samurai (Prange, 1990), I have wanted to see the story used more effectively in evangelizing the Japanese. 

With the post-war born generation having come of age and in leadership, it is a new Japan, and we have come to an historic moment of opportunity for the Gospel. I have had a sense of real fulfillment in having a significant role in preparing the latest edition in time for its Japanese printing (July 2020).
Both English and Japanese editions of Wounded Tiger can be found on the Internet (3rd expanded English edition, late 2022). The Japanese title is Teoi No Tora! Good progress is being made in raising funding for the BLOCK-BUSTER movie it will be! In contrast with the historic 1970 movie, “Tora! Tora! Tora!,” Wounded Tiger will come with the IMPACT of the GOSPEL, Acts 17:30! PRAY!