Osaka Bible Seminary

Osaka Bible Seminary
Osaka Bible Seminary is the only Bible College in Japan sponsored by the Christian Churches and Churches of Christ. It was established in 1937 by Missionary Harold Cole at the invitation of M. B. Madden, but it became necessary to discontinue during World War II. Classes resumed when Brother Cole returned in 1947 and the school was reorganized in 1950 under the leadership of Paul's father, Martin B. Clark. When he died in 1989, Paul P. Clark became president and continued in that capacity until March 2001, when one of our long-term goals was realized in passing on the leadership to a Japanese president, Brother Akinori Nakano. 
Upon Brother Nakano's retirement, President Daiki Kishimoto, a graduate of Ibaraki Christian College and Osaka Bible Seminary, became OBS’s first post war-born president. The seminary has a small faculty consisting of full-time, part-time and adjunct professors, and lecturers who are all Japanese.    

Paul continues to preach regularly in OBS chapel and, as President Emeritus, attends OBS board meetings. He is also a board member of Osaka Christian Mission, the mother organization and governing body of OBS, recognized by the Japanese government.  

Two older adults graduated from OBS in 2021: Mrs. Morihiro, a widow, received a 4-year degree, and Mr. Atsushi Otsubo, received a 3-year-degree. He studied totally online for nine years, while working full-time for the prefectural government!  He is representative of the on-line students making a transition from retirement into ministry. To date, over 144 graduates have gone out from OBS, serving all over Japan, from Hokkaido in the north to Okinawa in the south. Over 90% of living OBS graduates remain faithful in the church, and about 90% of the four-year graduates are in leadership ministry.