Nakaburi Church

Nakaburi Church
Nakaburi Church is a small congregation (most churches in Japan are quite small) next door to the Clarks' home in Hirakata, the largest suburb of Osaka. Pastor Noriaki Kimura has led the congregation since 1983 and Paul preaches every couple of months. Rickie plays the piano, alternating with a Christian lady of the congregation.

The Nakaburi congregation participates in our monthly International Nights (see International Nights page). Some of the members and attenders of the Nakaburi congregation first attended our International Nights and are being discipled in the congregation.   

 Our neighborhood has a large park called “Fureai Park.” The word fureai (ふれあい) has the idea of maintaining face to face contact (different from Internet, email or Facebook). We like to go to the Fureai Park for walking exercise and to make or meet friends. Some of the people we have met knew the Mings family who built the house we live in, in 1951—so these contacts are being renewed.   

 Pastor Kimura has been on the neighborhood committee for organizing events. He also meets other men by playing “gate ball” with them.