Ministries in Japan

Osaka Bible Seminary

President Emeritus, Dr. Clark, is regularly on campus and preaches in chapel.

Kansai Christian School

Serving KCS since 1985, Paul is on the School Board and Rickie is Executive Assistant.  

"Hikari no Ie"

“House of Light” is a glimpse of personal ministries from our home in Gospel outreach and discipling.  

Nakaburi Church

Our home congregation is next door and we share leadership under Brother Kimura and preach regularly.  

Kamizono Church

The joy and sense of fulfilment in preaching in a congregation Paul helped start as a teen-age Missionary Kid.  

Wounded Tiger

A most timely opportunity of reaching the new Japan with the message of the Gospel is in preparation!  

Ladies' English Bible Class

Rickie’s weekly class of ladies continues at our American Oak Round table in the dining room.