Hikari No Ie

Our Home in Hirakata
We call our home in Hirakata City, Osaka Prefecture, Hikari no Ie, meaning "House of Light"—Light for Life! We host many guests in our home as well as in our basement (as it was before COVID)!  With the help of a volunteer carpenter friend from Arizona/Colorado, Joe Nix, and many others, we finished out the large basement for ministry in 2002. The basement, with a full apartment, is well used--for guests as well as for International Nights. 

We have International Nights at Hikari no Ie on the first Saturday of each month except for July and August (and during pandemics!). These parties are a lot of fun with games, refreshments, interaction in both English and Japanese, singing and an evangelistic Gospel devotional. They are well attended (averaging close to 40 guests) and exciting! One lady told us, "There is no place in Japan that I know of where we can go and just be ourselves and enjoy learning about God in a relaxed atmosphere. I love coming here!"  We never have the same group. Many are regulars but others come and go or stay.

If you are in the Osaka area and would like to participate in our International Nights, please come!  Our address is 2-35 Suikoen Cho, Hirakata Shi, Osaka-fu 573-0095, and our phone number is 072-841-2934.