I DO HAVE a WANT LIST for particular information and help in discovering missing persons, a list that I will keep updated along with my progress:

INFORMATION: One matter I have been working on for some time is chasing down an article from a French publication. I am aware that a French magazine published Dave Thornburg's "Sunbird" sometime after the 1979 FAI worlds--Dave says a French chap fell in love with it and with permission saw to its being published, but he never saw it!!?? HELP on this one would please both Dave and myself. Any idea!!?? My information is that the piece was probably printed in either the French Modele Magazine or RCM (Radio Commande Magazine).

MISSING PERSONS: There are a few out there I would definitely like to find. Michael Bame of early RCHLG fame is one in particular. Anyone!!??

INFORMATION: Historical or hysterical information on RCHLG from your corner of the universe, anecdotal or details you know from the development of this art form RC/soaring with RCHLG will be APPRECIATED!!!!!