Indeed! I am working on a history of RCHLG to be published initially in the Torrey Pine Gulls' newsletter "Gull Wings"--a virtual RC/soaring magazine-on a serial basis, with rights reserved. I have been working on this history for several years but had kind of laid off the project-work stress-- until the editor Ron Scharck (Ron Scharck and TGP gang after '97 ISS-RCHLG Contest) asked me to write up my research. It is hoped in time that it will be published as a book.

Since I am a theology-philosophy major, you may well appreciate how it feels to be able to search out something when you can still talk to the people who made the history--primary source material instead of, at best secondary stuff!!?? I did a preparatory annotated bibliography of Model Builder magazine in relation to RCHLG. Model Builder magazine was the source of RCHLG's beginning impe tus through Dave Thornburg's articles (Dave Thornburg, godfather of RCHLG pictured) and later Bill Forrey's columns--especially his coverage of the Annual ISS contest. I have already been able to interview a number of the personalities involved and count many of them among my friends. Our RCSE network has greatly facilitated my research. In addition to this help, e-mail has made it possible to interact with international editors of RC/soaring magazines and columns!

In working out a history of RCHLG I intend to cover the WORLD scene as well as I can! I already have an international "hat trick" with Japan, New Zealand and Australia in the bag-and Germany in/on the wing. I am not just trying to nail down FIRSTS, but IF they are known, that IS an interesting plus. There is kind of a zeitgeist thing about this; everyone seems to have started tossing their birds, all around the world, at about the same time :-) !! I am interested in detailed and/or anecdotal information about how interest first occurred and how it generated--models that made it go-where YOU fly or have flown, or whom you have flown with! I will appreciate any help from the U.S.A. and WORLD scene FROM YOUR own "neck of the woods!!!!! If you can direct me to others (who can communicate with me in English) that will be most appreciated.