Sky Pilot's Hangar has been under RECONSTRUCTION in more ways than just this homepage!! I tore down my hobby room, for MANY, reasons. Among them, the ceiling was a ten-year accumulation of POWER and few gliders. I haven't touched the gimbals on a powered bird in 8 (eight!) years. (BUT it WAS a ceiling come true! full of birds! mostly from friends.) Then there was the DIRT: evolution of balsa dust into potting material. It used to be that I made myself clean up after every building project, but with my Dad's death my responsibilities changed. Also, I was working on a PSS project for Model Builder--learned I can build all night and still do a days work--but I can't design, build, draw plans and keep going. Then work became stress intensive over the last two years.... We put in an air-conditioner and had to make a path through it all. So! Sky Pilot's Hangar is now being made over into a "soar-drome" (?) and the ceiling is filling with the appropriate soarers! The power birds got retired to the garage overhead--still impressive!!?? My wife was so pleased she volunteered to paper the walls, went out and bought drapes for me, made privacy curtains all around, and donated a room plaque--I painted the ceiling. It is always terrible to tear down one's castle, but I am really very pleased with the NEWly discovered room I have and my new ROOM! This also saves on moving the soarers from room to room as need demanded. I hope the international visitors (Gorden Jennings pictured here) who have been to the REAL Sky Pilot's Hangar will come have a look: you will be amazed!!!!!