The following are mini photo albums I have put together for your enjoyment. To view an album page, click on the corresponding title. Pictures denoted with a magnifying glass in the corner may be clicked on to be enlarged.

I am interested in collecting articles, pictures, pictures of art and videos of soaring birds-- especially eagles.

The 1st National RCHLG Contest in Japan was very important to world RC Soaring, especially RCHLG.

RCHLG in Japan has had a varied history similar in length to that of in the USA.

Of all things RC led me to being a "Rare" Bear Team member and added another "iron in the fire" to my flying interests.

This was one special summer of travel and here is just a teaser to all it was.

One of the most eye appealing contest class RCHLG to come along, this is a celebratitive special edition.

This is an innovative scratch/design build that missed out when Model Builder Magazine went down.

Birds of a feather flock together... a sample of Sky Pilot's builds and flying birds.

Sky Pilot would encourage all to make RCSD a regular on their coffee tables--honors to Jim, Judy and Jer, J3!