We have been working with the Evangelical Christian Church in Irkutsk since 1999. I have taught seminars and classes there, as well as worked with them in some of their outreaches.

Irkutsk Church Building
"Evangelism 101" Class
Class on the Gospel of Mark
Preaching at Irkutsk
Gypsy Church
At a Day Camp
Irkutsk Train Station

Winter Trip 2004

Why go to Siberia in the winter? That's the time of year the people are more free to come to seminars and meetings. In the summer they must tend their gardens (dachas) so it is not so easy to schedule meetings. I spent a week in Siberia and a week and a half in Mongolia in January 2004. I was kept busy meeting with various people and groups in both countries.

Gate of Ice in Irkutsk
Street scene in Irkutsk


Worship time at Evangelical Christian Church, Irkutsk
Paul preaching, Yakov translating
Home Bible study and tea time in Russia
Slava, Paul, and Yakov, Evangelists