We first went to Mongolia in early 1999 to help with an outreach of Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ; a four-day seminar with Dr. Hugh Ross of Reasons to Believe with a target audience of university and secondary teachers and parliamentarians. Since then we have made numerous trips to participate in countryside outreach to the nomadic people and speaking to different groups, being primarily involved with the Centurions Ministry, an outreach to the Mongolian military under the "umbrella" of Campus Crusade for Christ.

Countryside Evangelism 2002

Our purpose for the journey to Mongolia was to join evangelistic teams made up of military cadets, showing the Jesus Film among the nomadic people living on the steppes or "countryside" in gers. We slept in our backpack tent each night. We went with 17 young Mongolian people from the military ministry of Campus Crusade and one young man from Singapore, 23 of us altogether in three rented Russian vans with drivers. We showed the film about 15 times to some 500 people. Each van, which went to a different location, had it's own projector, generator and a white vinyl sheet that was hung down the side of the van. We tried to start the 2½-hour film by 10:30 p.m. each night (when it would be dark enough there in the summer), but one evening we began the film at midnight! (We crawled into our tent at 3:30 that night!) There were 145 positive responses to the gospel! These people stayed after the showings and met in small groups with the Mongolian team members while we prayed. The Mongolian people are very open to the gospel. Most of these nomads have never heard of Jesus before! The film portrays a man (Jesus) with whom they can easily identify. The setting of the film--dry deserts and sheep and goats--is very much like Mongolia. The audience laughed at how smart Jesus was in answering the Pharisees and they responded in other appropriate ways! Besides being on the trip to encourage and teach the workers on the trip, especially in our van, I had also been asked to speak at different times to the whole group of young workers (most in their early 20s and cadets from the military academy). They were very responsive.


Moonlight on the Steppe
Jesus Film Showing--between reel entertainment
Jesus Film Audience
Our Mongolian Hotel
Lunch break
Mongolian Cowboy from Japan
Keeping up with the "Joneses"
Worship time with Team Expansion congregation
Thank you, Lord!
One little sweetheart!
RARE "A-1" Facilities!
Mountaintop experience
Mongolian supermarket


Fall Trip 2002


In actuality I spent more than a month of days in Mongolia during 2002, as I also returned in the fall for the Campus Crusade for Christ's 10th year anniversary of the premier showing of the Jesus Film-the timing of the present opening of Mongolia. This two-week period provided further opportunity to minister and plan for the future as well as providing the opportunity to share in a special part of the anniversary celebration, a gathering of all the Asian Directors of CCC to one of the most remote places on earth, Lake Hovsgul (there is a website). As our U.S. ambassador, wife and son were staying in camp with us, I had the privilege of inviting and guiding them on our fishing excursion.


Great fishing!


Winter 2004

I spent about 10 days in Mongolia in January 2004.  The brothers and sisters there kept me very busy speaking to various groups and meeting with different individuals.  It was a great time!


Three happy Christians--center man served in Iraq
A new elderly Christian brother
Fiddling around
Portable telephone booth!
Winter in Mongolia


Fall 2004

In October Paul spent three weeks and Rickie, two, in Mongolia.  We were kept very busy with outreach events, teaching the military academy cadets, the junior officers and senior officers, and visiting and sharing the Lord in various homes.

Trip to a military outpost on the Northern Border with Russia


Arranging for a "taxi"--common transportation
Open road--as good as it gets
Welcome to the outpost!
On the shooting range
Jagaa and two new converts
On the Mongolian-Russian border
Fall outreach to military academy cadets
Real Mongolian barbecue . . .
. . . eaten with your fingers
Speaking at the outreach


Back in Ulaanbaatar with the Centurion Ministry branch of Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ


Speaking to junior officers
Speaking to women leaders -- Tuul, to the right of Rickie, disciples the other three
Sharing with senior officers
Paul teaching cadets
Rickie teaching cadets
Bayaraa and Gerlee -- Bayaraa leads the ministry with the junior officers
Tugsuu leads the ministry with the military academy cadets

Gantumur and Deeg's engagement picture --

Gantumur and Tugsuu are in charge of the

military ministry and Gantumur leads the

ministry to senior officers



Visiting and Sharing the Lord


With Bayaraa's parents and niece
Breakfast with Tuul's parents
Tuul and Tugsuu with her parents and Angie
Wedding of two Campus Crusade staffers
We were invited to another wedding reception in a ger suburb
Proud grandmothers and mother of the bride -- We were treated to a Mongolian song by the grandmother in red
Dick and Margaret are old friends from 1999 -- Even though retired, they spend several weeks of ministry a year in Mongolia
Having a feast with Retired Lt.Col. Gonchigdorj, full time for the Lord now, and family
Learning the art of eating buuz
Preaching . . .
. . . at the International Fellowship in Ulaanbaatar
Having fellowship with Spencer and Pat Garner, Team Expansion missionaries
Farewell dinner
Buddhist temple -- the President of Mongolia worshipped the mountain in the background while we were there
Sunset in Mongolia
We stayed overnight in this ger -- perhaps the only one built into the third floor of a house!

Evangelism Wild, Wild West 2005


The first phase of "Evangelism Wild, Wild West" took place in October 2005. Two teams went to two of the most western provinces of Mongolia, Gobi-Altai Province and Uvs Province.  Although we had planned to use Blue Sky Aviation (Missionary Aviation Fellowship), our plans had to be changed and we flew with Mongolian Airlines on regular flights. 


Blue Sky Aviation
Planning the trip with Blue Sky Aviation to the three westernmost provinces of Mongolia
The Far West of Mongolia is 3-4 hours' flight from Ulaanbaatar
We were in the Gobi Desert under the "M" in Mongolia
We were met by officials with a Russian Jeep
There were five and sometimes six of us in the jeep
The driver could choose his "lane"
We crossed three mountain ranges in the Gobi
Paul and Rickie and camels
Paul teaching Ethics . . .
. . . to 38 officers and NCOs
We were with Gantumur, Director of Centurions Ministry, and Lt. Col. (Ret.) Gonchigdorj
Rickie teaching motivational English
The Regiment Commander like my Green Beret!
Gonchigdorj taught Ethics at the Police Academy
Breakfast, lunch and dinner--mutton soup

Special treat for breakfast--sheep's head Yum! :)

Have you ever smelled camel's breath?
Rickie likes camels--at arm's length!
Local church with parsonage in foreground!
You should have seen this lady camel run!
Our driver and his son--we were glad the roof of the jeep was padded!
Vehicle in the city streets
The Steppe at sunset
Sunset behind a ger


Winter 2007

I was invited to speak for a Leadership Seminar in January 2007.  As usual I was kept busy from morning to night . . . and loved it!  A couple of the highlights were the privilege of addressing some 300 police officers and addressing the Mongolian equivalent of the Pentagon!


With Jagaa, one of the evangelists
Speaking at the seminar
I had the privilege of addressing 300 police officers
Genghis Khan and me
Centurion Staff Bible Study
Leaving Mongolia in February


May-June 2007

I went again to Mongolia in May-June for the 10th anniversary of the Centurions Ministry and was again kept very busy from morning to night.


Mongolian Cowboy 2007!
With Ebe and Tugu whose wedding will be in April 2008
Preaching in congregation meeting in a ger


Evangelism Wild, Wild West 2007

Two teams of us went to the far western provinces (aimags) in November 2007.  We flew to Bayan Olgii where we were left with Gantumur, our leader and translator.  The plane then flew back to another military post in Muran, about 2 hours east by air, to drop off the other team.  During the course of 3 days at two different military bases and one outpost, I spoke on "Character as an Issue," "Transformational Leadership," and "Integrity."  Rickie did sessions on "What is a Family?" and gave interactive English lessons to the groups, one of which involved about 100 officers and NCOs and the other involved an elite group of 40-60.  At the border outpost (against the Russian border) we taught English words, questions and phrases that the immigration officers wanted to learn.  I also was privileged to attend a Mongolian mission conference with over 1,000 in attendance.


At the airport ready to board Blue Sky Airline's (MAF's) Cessna Caravan
View of the frozen Mongolian landscape from above
Welcomed by the Commander
Arrival in Bayan Olgii
My Green Beret always opens doors
Gantumur lecturing on Management
Rickie teaching on "What is a Family?"
Street scene in Bayan Olgii
Traveling to the Russian border
A ger on the cold summit!
We were treated to a terrific dombra concert, then were presented with one of the instruments
Highway construction crew
Modern Ladies' and Men's rooms at the provincial airport--they even have walls and doors!
We both lost to the two ping-pong champions and I appropriately came in second to the Commander in a target shooting contest
Back home again in UB
At a Mongolian mission conference attended by over 1,000 Christians


October-November 2008

I spent 3 weeks in Mongolia this time primarily to speak at a Leadership Retreat for the Centurions Ministry.  I also was privileged to be involved in a "ger church dedication"  for a congregation our good friends Spencer and Pat Garner started in a small community about 40 minutes by car from Ulaanbaatar. They have now moved to Gobi Altai to plant another congregation.


The new 8-wall ger on the right is connected by a "vestibule" with the older 6-wall ger on the left which is now being used for Sunday School.  The caretaker lives in the 4-wall ger to the far right.
Worship in song
Happy kids
Mongolian milk tea time
Medal of Appreciation from General Staff of the Mongolian Armed Forces (Pentagon)--10 years serving with Centurions Ministry
Cadets meeting for worship
Many come in uniform
Dinner time at Leadership Retreat
Speaking on the High Calling
Worship time
The Lord's Day in a Ten-Wall Ger
Bayaraa leading men's Bible study


October-November 2009

This year my time in Mongolia was cut a few days short, due to the H1N1 Virus that closed all public meetings: churches, schools and even universities. However, I did teach three hours a day for a week in the Great Commission Training Center of Campus Crusade for Christ as planned.  The response was great as was the interaction and oral reports.  I was to have spoken another four times (1 1/2 hours each time) on a military ministry leadership seminar.  Even though the time was cut short, I felt my mission had been accomplished: God's people were taught and our Centurions staff was encouraged.


Great Commission Training Center class
Friendships are formed through Jesus
Bible study in candlelight during black-out


October 2010

I spent 3 weeks in Mongolia this year and Rickie was with me the last ten days.  This was my 15th time and Rickie's 6th. It was a very busy time ministering to the staff and disciples of the Centurions Ministry--an outreach to the Mongolian military.  I spoke some 11 times at retreats and meetings and attended 5 other events.  The weekend before Rickie arrived, I spoke a total of 10 hours at a staff retreat.  Rickie spoke twice to ladies' groups and put on a Mexican Taco Dinner for one of the groups.  We had four marriage counseling sessions and visited seven different couples or families.  We also visited the military headquarters, the police academy and an airbase where the Centurions Ministry maintains computer rooms.


Addressing 40 new cadets.  Twenty-two of 26 made positive responses at the follow-up BBQ
Meeting with Jr. Officers
Real Mongolian Barbeque!
The nomadic lifestyle is on the "slippery slope" after a 2nd loss of 7-8 million stock in two years
Thank you, Lord!
         Rickie arrives  Visiting an Air Force computer room set up by MCCC
A surprise visit with old friends, Dick and Margaret, from our first trip to Mongolia in 1999!
Bayaraa, Clarks, Wards and Mincks visiting Chingiss Khaan

Life gets busy in Mongolia, too!

Two cell phones at once!

Batchimeg was our personnel manager
Tuuguu and Ebe with little Angel
Ganaa and Muju with newborn son Erkheme
Eagle man!

      Oyun and her sister Naraa,

both PhD's.  We met Oyun in Japan.


August 2011

Three days after returning home from the United States, I flew on to Mongolia for 19 days.  I had been invited to give the daily devotional messages at the Association of Christian Military Fellowship's (ACMF's) Interaction 2011.  This gathering of Christian military was from across Asia.  It included several senior officers--a general, an admiral, and colonels--as well as cadets.  My four messages were MISSION, MESSAGE, METHOD and MOTIVATION, which became thematic for the conference.  All was blessed by God.


Interaction 2011
With future leaders!
Need gas?
Oh, oh!

Things happen!

September-October 2012

The main purpose of this trip was to be present for Mongolian Campus Crusade for Christ's celebration of the 20th anniversary of showing the Jesus Film all over the country.  From just a few Christians in 1992, now there are many congregations of Christians(some over 1,000 members).  The evangelistic zeal remains today!


Celebrating 20 years of showing the Jesus Film
"Presented to Paul & Rickie Clark in appreciation for your faithful service to the Lord and Centurions Military ministry of Mongolia CCC from the very beginning."
National Directors of MCCC: First Director Warren Willis, present Director Batdorj (Bataa) Juvaa, and second Director Floyd Sebald
Cadet gathering
Meeting with military leaders
Home Fellowship of military leaders
Feasting on Mongolian Barbecue in ger
Ger host and hostess with guests
Softa and family--we've known her since 1999

New congregation--Grace Church
Speaking on "God's Grace"!


October 2013

The purpose of my trip to Mongolia was to encourage and minister to the staff of the Cenutrions Ministry after a year of change and trauma.  Because their office was separated from the umbrella under which it operates legally, the government shut them down until they could work things out properly.  The exciting news is that Mongolia Campus Crusade for Christ has raised almost enough money to purchase the 5th floor of a new building in downtown Ulaanbaatar.  The Centurions Ministry will be able to occupy their own space  on that floor!


Ger Hospitality
Picnic in the cold with the Centurions Ministry staff
Presented with a 14-candle cake, one for each year I've been going to Mongolia
TWO PLACES OF WORSHIP: One worshipping the Creator of the Universe;
the other, practicing rituals and magic in the realm of the gods, demons, and spirits of ancestors
        Getting mare's milk!

Teaching a Young Adults Bible Class,

Gantumur translating

At the Amen Church in Ulaanbaatar
Leaving for Japan after another great time in Mongolia


Rickie and I were both free to go to Mongolia together this time.  It had been four years since she had been able to go and we experienced such a wonderful time together in ministry.  The first week we were in Ulaanbaatar, then the next 8 days we were in "the countryside"--first in an outpost of a National Park and the last 4 days camping with a nomad family in their summer location.


Another warm welcome from our Christian brothers!
. . and welcome from the Great Khaan, too!
CM Staff waiting for the day when they will be able to finish out the large room
Meeting with the senior officers
The Blue Sky Building in Ulaanbaatar has become a landmark
The Centurions Ministry has offices on the 5th floor along with Campus Crusade for Christ
There are new buildings being built all over the city
Entrance to Hustai National Park
We were definitely on 4WD roads for many, many miles!
Fellowship with the staff in praising God and studying the Word
Out in the "boonies"--Hustai National Park
Our outpost in Hustai National Park
Solar warmed "dribbles" (couldn't call them showers!)

Our cabin was on the left


Riding a rocky camel
Wild horses--the colt on the left had been bitten by wolves
"Home, home . . . in a ger!"
Under the shadow of Chinggis Khan
"Eagle Man"
Setting up camp (our tent is the yellow one)
Fish for dinner!
Relaxing after a hike
Checking out the horses for the children's 15 km race
Having fun before racing the horses
Horse racing
Nomadic farm life in Mongolia
Lassoing with a ring on a pole
Our serene valley on the steppe
Mongolia is not brown, hot nor humid!
Nomads are hard workers, but there's no "hustle and bustle!"
The "facility"
Rickie sharing on "Integrity"
Nomad sunset

November 2015

This winter trip was mainly for the purpose of encouraging the staff and young couples, and visiting in many homes. An added trip with the Nomad ministry was a special treat, even at minus 35 degrees celsius (minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit)!

Hand-picked young couples . . .
 . . . new staff member couple, Batka and Tuul . . .
. . . and one "mature" couple!
Speaking at a retreat . . .
. . . to the husbands
. . . and to the wives
Nomad trip to the "countryside" with Bayaraa and driver Dagi 
    Mongolian antelope beside the road
Mongolian horses
Mongolian two-humped camels, too!
Roadside restaurant
The three-sided rest stop
Dinner with a nomad family
Visiting another nomad family
. . . and another
Our overnight lodging
Both of us slept in this single bed
Our overnight host family
Bringing in the frozen horse
Sunrise on the steppe
Lots of off-road driving
The long journey home
A Christian wedding in Mongolian
Visiting families: Major Zolka and wife . . .
. . . Colonel Gankhuleg and wife Nara . . .
. . . Tuya, husband and baby . . .
. . . Jamen and Mercy and little one